2017 CANeLearn Symposium & BC Digital Learning Conference
  • Blending Boundaries: Leading Digital Disruption, Innovation & Equitable Learning
Wednesday Pre-Symposium Program

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Heather Corman

Online English Studies 12 Teacher
I have been teaching English (in its many forms) at the secondary level for thirty-four years. 

I confess, I was a reluctant technology adopter in my classroom. VERY reluctant. Now, a couple of decades later, while I wouldn't call myself an expert, I can say I'm comfortable. I've so enjoyed the many benefits of using technology with my students that two years ago I decided to leave the brick-and-mortar school and teach English online. My one concern? Relationships. Positive relationship building with students is key to their success. How would I create these connections online? That has been my focus.

I am interested in discussing relationship building online. I have some ideas to share that I am using with my own students, and I'm excited to meet with other educators in order to exchange ideas.